The Happy School was founded after a school in Cambodia got destroyed in a storm, blowing away. We knew we couldn't just stand around and let these children lose their chance at an education, so we decided to build them a new school, one that would be around for years to come. The Happy School was funded by generous donations from the Australian public, now it houses students of all ages, either with the Life Skills program or our english and maths classes to help get the children ready for the state school program.

The goal of The Happy School is to help the children get into state school and get an education, helping to end the cycle of poverty. We also believe in the power of play, many of these children would never get the chance to just be kids, they are instead off working, helping the family to survive. We directly help the family by feeding providing them with rice, meaning the children don't have to work to feed the family.

The Happy School has seen great results since it has been opened, helping cambodian children have a bright future.

As well as The Happy School, ACE also runs the Life Skills program, designed for mature aged students, wishing to learn skills equivelent to a TAFE course. These courses are designed to provide them with job opportunities.

To help them with learn, we have provided them with equipment such as computers and sowing machines, that will use in a job that will help end the cycle of poverty.