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Here at Australians for Cambodian Education, our goal is to make a difference in the education of Cambodian children. Many children lack the opportunity to get a quality education, so we aim to change that, by providing teachers, facilities and learning tools for the children to use.


We have been working with a school in Cambodia that desperately needed new buildings after it was destroyed by a storm. The Happy School is helping to provide Cambodian children with a safe environment to learn and play.

With the money we have raised with the support of the Australian public, we can provide the students at The Happy School with qualified teachers. With the support of qualified teaching staff, the students will have the best chance of learning the required skills.


Here at ACE, we not only help educate children, we also help people of any age learn life skills that can help them find a job to support them and their family. In particular we have introduced computer skills classes to help the Cambodians adapt to the digital age.

All of the work we have done has been funded by the Australian public, its been your generous donations that have allowed us to continue support for The Happy School and the Life Skills program. The continued support of the Australian public is vital to the continuation of The Happy School, so we are asking for regular donations, they can be as small or large as you wish, every little donation helps to change the lives of children at The Happy School.